Finance Committee - Fifth Senedd

14 September 2020

PTN 1 - Letter from the Counsel General and Minister for European Transition to the External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee: Regional Investment after Brexit - 20 July 2020
PTN 2 – Letter from the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales to the First Minister: Public inquiry into the response to the Coronavirus pandemic in Wales – 30 July 2020
PTN 3 – Letter from the Minister for Local Government and Housing: Information relating to the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill - 27 July 2020
PTN 4 – Welsh Government's response to the Committee’s report: Scrutiny of the Welsh Government’s First Supplementary Budget 2020-21
PTN 5 – Letter from the Minister for Finance and Trefnydd: Information regarding the forward financial planning for directly funded bodies - 11 August 2020
PTN 6 - Letter from the Minister from Finance and Trefnydd: Update on the consequentials Wales has received as result of COVID-19 - 19 August 2020
PTN 7 - Letter from the Secretary of State for Wales: Financial response to Covid-19 - 5 September 2020
PTN 8 - Letter from the Minister for Finance and Trefnydd: Update on Welsh Government's formal request to UK Government for devolution of further tax competence - 8 September 2020
Land Transaction Tax (Temporary Variation of Rates and Bands for Residential Property Transactions) (Wales) Regulations 2020: Consideration of evidence
Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill: Consideration of evidence
Consideration of the Forward Work Programme
Engagement on the inquiry into the implementation of the Wales Act 2014 and operation of the Fiscal Framework

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