Equality and Social Justice Committee

15 April 2024

Correspondence between the Chair and the South Wales Fire Commissioners regarding Fire and Rescue Services in Wales
Correspondence from the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust to the Chair providing additional information in the Fire and Rescue Services inquiry
Correspondence from the Chair of the Finance Committee to the Chair requesting further information relating to budget scrutiny
Correspondence from the Welsh Government to the Chair responding to an action point that arose following the Equality and Social justice Committee meeting on 21 January 2024 regarding Equality, Race and Disability Evidence Units
Correspondence from the Minister for Social Justice and Chief Whip to the Chair regarding the strip searching of children by Police
Correspondence between the Chair and OXFAM regarding the follow-up inquiry into childcare provision in Wales
An executive summary from the NHS Confederation Wales entitled: "Action for equality in Wales and Northern Ireland"
Forward work programme: consideration of next steps

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