Senedd TV Sharing Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide to using Senedd.TV’s new sharing and embedding features.

The sharing function provides a much cleaner way to selectively share video content with others.

To access these features you must first click on the ‘share’ option below the player.

share 1


Like other video websites, Senedd.TV has ‘Share’ buttons that allow you to quickly copy and post a link to that particular video.

If a social media button is selected, such as Facebook or Twitter, you will be redirected to that social network and asked to sign in (if you haven’t already done so).

Once this is done, (or if you’re already signed in), the link will be pre-populated in the ‘post’ or ‘tweet’ box.

Another option is to share a link to the video by email. To do this, click the envelope icon which will take you to your native email client or email sign-in screen. Once signed in, you will see the link and accompanying text already populated in the body of the email. You will need to enter the recipient’s email address in the ‘To:’ box.

share 2 share 3

A link to the full meeting can also be found below the video in the ‘meeting URL’ section. This can be copied and used to share via email or social media.


However, if you prefer to link to a specific part of the video, the ‘Clipping’ feature is ideal for sharing just a portion of the content.

Below the social media buttons, there is a ‘Create Clip’ drop down button whereby you can choose the section of the meeting that you want to link to e.g. Questions to the First Minister. (See below).

This will produce a “clip URL’ link that can be copied and shared. The changes will also be available to use via the share buttons.

clip 1 clip 2

If you want your clip to begin and end at specific times, you can use the clip start and clip end boxes to select the hh:mm:ss you require (where the meeting starts at 00:00:00).

clip 3

Once you have made the selection, you can preview the code by using the ‘Preview Clip’ option.


Just like YouTube, the new Senedd.TV allows you to share video to your website or blog by using the embed code.

To embed a video, click on ‘share’ below the player where you will be presented with an embed code for that video. You can select the frame size and then copy the code from the box below. This code is placed within an iframe structure for compatibility purposes.

Please note – as default this will embed the entire meeting.

embed 1

If you wish to embed just a portion of a video, you can use the ‘Create Clip’ option to choose the section of the meeting that you want to link to.

If you need to narrow a clip down to a specific period in time you can use the clip start and end boxes to select the hh:mm:ss (where the meeting starts at 00:00:00)

Any changes made here will be reflected in the embed code.

Once you have followed the steps above, you can preview your embed code by clicking the ‘Preview clip’ option.

If you’re happy, you can copy and paste this embed code into your blog or website.


Searching for videos on Senedd.TV has never been easier.

When searching for committee and Plenary meetings, the search results will include:

  • the meeting name
  • details for that meeting (date/time)
  • related agenda items

search 1

Each result is hyperlinked, and clicking on the links will take you straight to that segment of the video. The meeting name link will take you to the start of the meeting, where as the agenda item link will take you to the start of that particular item.