Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee

16 June 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on older people - consideration of evidence
Correspondence from Jane Hutt MS, Deputy Minister and Chief Whip to Priti Patel MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department regarding COVID-19 and its impact on BAME Communities - 12 May 2020
Correspondence from Chris Philp MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office and Ministry of Justice regarding the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 - 29 May 2020
Correspondence from Llyr Gruffydd MS, Chair of the Finance Committee regarding engagement and the plenary Debate on the Welsh Government's Spending Priorities 2021-22 - 1 June 2020
Correspondence from Nick Ramsay MS, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee to Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales and Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner regarding Well-Being of Future Generations statutory reports - 29 May 2020
Correspondence from the Minister for Housing and Local Government regarding the committee meeting on 15 May 2020 - 10 June 2020
Inquiry into Covid-19 and its impact: further consideration of evidence

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