Wales 2016 - How your vote works

25 February 2016

All 60 Members will meet for the first Plenary of the new National Assembly for Wales, which will take place 1.30 on 11 May in the Senedd.

The first item of business for the new Assembly is the election of a Presiding Officer. A newly appointed Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer must be elected at the Assembly’s first meeting after the election and that meeting must take place within seven working days after the election.

The Presiding Officer is the highest authority in the Assembly and chairs the meeting of all 60 Assembly Members in Plenary, remaining politically impartial at all times.

If the Assembly agree to a single nomination for the office of Presiding Officer, the vote is conducted in public in the Siambr. If more than one Member is nominated, the election takes place through a secret ballot outside the Siambr in the Cwrt area of the Senedd.

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